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I think it's a sign that I've had slashgoggles on for too long when, as I was watching the trailer for Toy Story 3, I began seeing Woody and Buzz Lightyear in an entirely new light...
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I never followed American Idol - not even the first season, and I couldn't name any Idol winners other than Kelly Clarkson. My only exposure to Idol was the occasional post on my friendslist. But I was bored, and the Idol finale performance show was on, and I thought - why not, I'll watch it. And easy as that, I was invested in these people - I fell in love with Adam and Kris, I wikipedia'd and googled, watched their performances on americanidol.com, and read everything that [personal profile] astolat was writing, and couldn't wait for the results show. Because I'm easy like that, because you tug on my heartstrings with a touching story and I'm hooked. And now I can't stop reading Kradam fanfic - I love the excitement of new fandoms, sharing in other people's squee. And I love finding story gems - just all around beautiful writing, characterization, emotion:

AI Fic Recs )

And there are so many other stories I want to rec and haven't time to re-read and write about. Between American Idol and the new Star Trek (Reboot? XI? AOS? Has fandom come to a consensus yet?) movie, I am just loving all the great new fic.

Oh, and before I forget, I do have two Dreamwidth codes, if anybody would like them - just comment.

First Post!

May. 1st, 2009 08:27 pm
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Despite the fact that I was not expecting to obtain a Dreamwidth account any time soon, here I am! 

I had a completely wretched day at work yesterday, working at the office until 9:30 in the evening and then going home to work some more.  I went straight to sleep once I finished, being entirely too tired to turn on my personal computer, so it was a very pleasant surprise when I checked my email this morning before work and found a Dreamwidth code in my inbox!

Like my Livejournal account, I won't be making many posts.  I have always been a fandom lurker, and I am planning on using this journal mostly as a means to consolidate my fannish reading.  I may on occasion post fanart and graphics, and perhaps I might start posting fanfic recs here as well, but please don't feel the need to suscribe!


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